New Google Analytics

The new GA rules…now if I could just find the time to put the code on my blog


In a move that struck fear in the hearts of under-educated web editors everywhere, Google announced today that it will remove the old version of Google Analytics tomorrow. After releasing a new version focused on real time analytics in September, Google has kept a link to the old version, which it has supported, at the bottom of the Analytics page for the past year.

What can you expect from Google Analytics if you haven’t transitioned yet? Never fear, straggler. We’ve got you covered with a link and media bonanza.

The major change is the transition to real time analytics, a vast increase in the amount and usefulness of information that a user can derive, provided they know what they’re doing. This makes a strong analytics employee even more valuable–companies that know what they’re doing with the new system will have a competitive advantage over those who don’t (duh). The removal…

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