BBC’s bias against Israel

I wrote this complaint to the after they didn’t put Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on their site.

“On this page , you have removed (or never even put up) the capital of Israel, Jerusalem, thus separating us from any other country on your site. Each country has a capital, France has Paris, GB and Ireland (sadly, without two separate capitals) have London ( though I dare say the Irish don’t see London as their capital AT ALL), Cyprus has Nicosia (need I remind you the island is divided?), but Israel has no capital.

This “error” must be rectified immediately. After conquering so many territories, carving up India with a brutish hand, settling in Israel for so many years, Britain has a lot to answer for. NO, by creating incredible bias towards the Arabs calling themselves Palestinians, you CANNOT make up for the past abuse done by people long gone from this world, your forefathers. You can however, stop meddling in the affairs of the world and create the equal treatment you demand so much, in your own home.

Start by treating Jews equally, stop denying Jewish rights to a country of their own (no, unlike Britain, we’re not occupying Israel, this is our one and only homeland and we can’t get on a ship and sail away)  and add Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, in writing, on the appropriate page.”


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